Access setting and recovery

We are on roll

We have 17+ years of experience in providing this services to our subscribers.

Any Home Network

Doesn't matter who is your provider and how many devices you want to connect

Short Waiting TIme

Our specialists are always somewhere here

Connection Repair

from 100 UAH

Access setting

from 100 UAH

Router Setup

150 UAH

Local Network Expanding

from 150 UAH

Cable Laying

from 10 UAH

Connector Replacement

from 25 UAH

Socket Installing

from 50 UAH

Over the years in telecommunications, we studied all the possible problems with the Internet faced by users. It allows us to successfully and efficiently solve any problems.

The cause of the problem can be conflicting software, lost router / network card settings, pinched wires, broke down ports, etc.

Our specialists are always ready to help, find out the cause of the problem, eliminate it and do everything possible to prevent next one.

 We also appreciate your time and money, so we will try to help you by telephone at first. If it is not possible by phone, we will send a master.

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