Provide equipment for watching TV and home networks organizing


Only proven manufacturer brands

Keeping up with the times

Modern models, advanced standards supporting


Install and setting up the equipment

Totolink A3002R AC1200

1 200 UAH


from 5 UAH/m

Network Cards

from 150 UAH

MikroTik RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN

3850 UAH

TP-Link UE300

500 UAH

Media player inext TV 5 Ultra

1200 UAH

In addition to setting up an Internet connection, routers and set-top boxes, we offer equipment related to the Internet and TV services. We picked models of routers and set-top boxes that are easy to use and have good price / quality rate.
Also we provide cable products, with quality checked and confirmed when building our own networks. You can also purchase patch cords for connecting set-top boxes to TVs, computers and TVs to routers, as well as TV signal splitters.

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