About Us

High-quality service, departure as soon as possible, professional troubleshooting

Experienced Technicians

Deal with challenges. Responsible for the result

Price with no Surprise

Works cost and list are approved and fixed before the start

24/7 Support

We are ready to help & answer all the questions any time

Work Tracking

All services are being done at your home, you can check them any time

Honesty and Openness

When the work is done, you receive document, containing list of services & materials

Full Stack

From TV sockets installation to Youtube registration. From Assembling a system unit to Office installation

How to order?

You only need to leave a request, we will do the rest for You



Choose the service or just request a call back



We will find out the details and schedule master's visit



The call is free in case of further works cost more than 150 UAH The cost of a call for diagnostics is 100 UAH.



Our specialist will find out the cause of the problem and declare the cost of work



Мастер выполнит все необходимые работы


We believe you are interested in

Often the cause of the problem and the way to solve it can be clarified only after the diagnosis. Operator will find out the details by phone, and final decision will be made by the master. Therefore, to leave a request, you are free to choose any service.

When purchasing device and the list of works are known exactly, we welcome payment in advance. If the essence of the problem is not clear, master determines the list of services at yours and payment is made after work is done. You can pay in cash after completing the work, we also accept payment through payment services Portmone and Easy Pay. If you are our subscriber, we recommend paying in the usual way through your personal account.

The arrival time of the master will be specified by the operator by phone. We know well that the computer inoperability can be critical, especially when it comes to work. Therefore, we make every effort to troubleshoot equipment in a short time with a minimum waiting time.

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